Allotment Diary {Autumn/Winter 2020}

Our little plot hasn't seen much action in this weird arse end of 2020. We took on our plot so late in the season so we haven't been able to plant anything and it's just been a case of tidying up the trees and preparing the soil for next year.

We did plant some potatoes in September hoping they would be ready for Christmas. Sadly, we had a visit from some naughty rats who left bite marks in the tubers and destroyed the whole crop. Maybe I was being too optimistic to plant anything, it is 2020 after all!

We have some tawny owls living in our allotment neighbours cypress tree, we collected the pellets, and then dissected them to see what the owls had been eating.

We used our microscope to look closer at the bones. This photo is of a water vole jaw.

I also met a couple of friends at the allotment where we sat around a fire a made some Christmas wreaths.

I'm currently spending some lazy afternoons planning for next year - I'm feeling excited to get properly stuck in to our space and seeing what varieties we manage to grow.

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