Allotment Diary {September 2020}

 It's been a strange month hasn't it? Feels like the weight of the world is crashing down on us with an impending winter of lockdowns. The allotment has given me a huge about a headspace and chance to hide away from the doom and gloom. The walk to our allotment looks glorious right now with all the gorgeous autumn colours. 

We planted our little strawberry bed this month so they establish over winter. 

The girls have as usual been delightful every time we visit our plot. They've had a lot of water fights this month.

They have also helped their friends built a chicken run for their new hens. It gave us lots of practice for when we get ours.

Our big project has been painting our shed. I found it so therapeutic and the new paint job really brightens up our plot and brings me so much joy as I'm walking up the lane and spot it in the distance. 

I mean it's so pretty right!?!

So that has been September on the plot. A beautiful start to Autumn (my favourite season of the year).

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