Allotment Diary {July 2020}

Covid 19 has forced all of us to change ourselves, adapt, and look a little differently at how we live our lives. As travel is off the cards for the foreseeable future, and the children settle back into living in Lincoln surrounded by our beloved family and friends. Will is working from home, We're still unschooling and trying to live as sustainably as we can. All in all, we're OK, feeling grateful for our health and job security. Plodding on, as it were.

Something that did get me a little panicky at the start of the intense lockdown was our food security. I struggled with having to rely on the system that seemed to be letting us down when people were panic buying and I was really scared of a food shortage. So I looked into ways to make our dream of being self-sufficient a reality. Plus, I'm keen to eat as healthily as we can to boost our immune systems and support our microbiome. So taking a leaf out of our grandparent's generation 'Dig For Victory' we've taken on an allotment.

So we've had our allotment for a month now and as you can see from the picture above it was just a huge length of grass and weeds. All along the right side the brambles were insane and wrapped up into the trees so our main job has been clearing the plot and mapping out the beds.

At the back underneath the brambles, we discovered a compost bin that the previous owners had built from pallets so one of our jobs this month is to sort that area out. Our chicken coop is going to be built in this space too.

This area is where our shed is going to be, as you can see we've yet to get that built.

Cutting back the brambles led to the discovery of some baby trees. here is an elderberry and a cherry tree. I'm trying my best to save them.

The girls have built this herb bed from an old pallet they filled with compost, and plugged the edges with bricks and stones to make it bug/toad friendly.

This is the second part they made and they have planted a little lavender bed also here for the bees.

Speaking of frogs the girls rescued this little guy and after we gave him some water he hopped off and is now residing under the herb bed which made Bonnie very happy. She has named him Mr McGregor - I'm not sure why.

I've been really disappointed by the amount of rubbish we've uncovered buried in the ground and along the hedges. People are arseholes - that's all I have to say about that!

The girls have also been busy building this bug hotel from bits and bobs we found lying around. They are going to make a sign and make a mini pond here too. 

I'm really interested in permaculture and the no dig method so I've mapped out several large beds and covered them in plastic sheeting. I'll be keeping the sheeting to reuse year and year so there is no waste. I'm going to leave these covered until early next year when I'll have a ton of compost delivered, remove the plastic and cover the beds.

I plan to do a monthly update of our plot so we can see how far it comes along. 


  1. I love this. Such a massive space you have too. My plot is well overgrown. And full of weeds but I’m taking it bit by bit. We can learn and grow together. ��

    1. It is pretty huge, I didn't realise until we cut back the grass. I have lots of plans in my head, fingers crossed I can pull them off!!