“You can’t use up creativity, the more you use the more you have.” – Maya Angelou

Art is such an important part of our day, we do something hands on and creative every single day. If we didn’t I think the girls might just explode.

 “Creativity is as important as literacy.” – Sir Ken Robinson

I could harp on all day about how important art is for children. The freedom to express themselves, to not be judged, to process thoughts, to foster their imaginations. We spend all day telling stories, playing and reenacting stories. Any form of art is just an extension of the mind, a way for children to channel all of their learning.We just adore it!

Obviously all of this amazing creation requires tools and equipment. I’m a huge believer in letting children have access to a wide variety of resources and art mediums. Even stuff that some people say they are not old enough for yet. Letting them have this freedom to experience all of these amazing resources now only means they will have better outcomes. There is only so much a child can do with poster paints and broken crayons!

This is a selection of our supplies from our art trolley. I have included at least one of everything in this picture, but not necessarily all of the colours.

All of this equipment is kept on our art trolley, which is easily accessed by the girls so they can get the supplies out and put them away again (most of the time!).

I’ve made this handy list of art supplies that is a go to.

This does not need to cost the earth, all of our supplies are bargains from shops like The Range, The Works and Poundland. The art trolley is from IKEA.

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