We have been suffering from a bit of cabin fever in our house. The days are merging into one another and we're beginning to feel like we're extras in the movie Groundhog Day. I have been particularly stressed at the news and current political climate so I figured we all needed a fun, energetic activity to work all those feelings out.

The girls have been really enjoying learning about different artists and art styles lately so I thought it was as good a time as any to introduce the madness that is Jackson Pollock.

First I showed them some of his work on the iPad, we read his biography on google and watched some youtube videos about him. Ordinarily, I prefer to visit the library as gleaning information from books is so much nicer than googling all the time. But times aren't ordinary right now are they, so needs must.

To make our artwork we just used whatever was lying around the house. I painted an old canvas with white emulsion to create our blank space. Then I laid out an old tablecloth to protect the grass, gathered up some spray paints, acrylic paints, and our favourite medium, pots of Brusho. I asked the girls to collect jars of water and different tools, such as paintbrushes, pipettes, and Ava even chose a Calpol syringe which created some really interesting splatters.

We then popped on some banging tunes and set to work. We bounced up and down, spraying, splatting, splashing, dripping and squirting paint all over the canvas. The result is a gorgeous hot mess of riotous colour. Kind of sums up my inner mood during this crazy time.

I highly recommended this activity for combating some COVID-19 lockdown rage! 
Do you think ours will sell for £140million like an original Jackson Pollock?

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