We very much follow the seasons in our home. Our moods, activities, eating habits, energy levels all ebb and flow with the changing of the seasons. It’s so nice to tune into this and it makes for a smoother life I believe.

Here’s a list of activities we’ll be doing this week to celebrate the start of spring.

1. Spotting signs of spring. We’ll be out looking for blossoms, new buds, and sprouting shoots.

2. Planting seeds. This week we’re hoping to plant lots of seeds, our windowsills will be full to the brim, ready to plant out later in spring.

4. Waking up the fairies. The girls have made wee fairy houses for their spring fairies who are currently hibernating. They plan to wake them up this week. The fairies are these ones from Conscious Craft.

5. Reading Spring Poems. We’ll be reading lots of lovely spring poetry over breakfast.

6. Painting daffodils. Ava’s favourite flower. We plan to use watercolour paints to study them in more detail.

7. Okra Printing. I saw this fab idea on Imagination Tree and fancied giving it a go with the girls. Maybe we’ll make some mothers day cards for their Nannie’s with the prints.

8. Baking Porridgies. The girls baked some ‘porridgies’ with their friends a couple of weeks ago and have asked to make them again. I’ve dug out our old Katie Morag book so we can bake them later in the week.

9. Puddle Jumping. The common land near our house is like a bog at the moment, the puddles are epic. We’re gonna spend an hour hosting a puddle jumping competition with our friends.

10. Setting New Intentions. We are going to sit together one evening and write some of our intentions for spring, now is a great time to let go of what has been and welcome in the new.

What are your plans this spring? I hope we have inspired you to celebrate with your littles.

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