Dear Parents... {A letter for those of you who find yourselves unexpectedly homeschooling during the COVID-19 Pandemic}

Dear Parents, 

As school closures loom I've had lots of messages from people worried about "teaching" their kids at home. I'll let you into a secret, we don't "teach" our kids in the traditional sense. Rather we facilitate natural learning through beautiful books, life experiences, play, and stimulating environments.

So firstly, relax, unless your kids are GCSE level and have exams and formal school work to do a few weeks off isn't going to hurt.

Secondly, PLAY IS LEARNING and is so valuable and vital to our kid's mental health. Our children will remember this outbreak forever, and how we handle it will be a huge factor in how they handle times of crisis in adulthood. Do you want them to remember it as a time of stress and panic, or time of calm connection at home?

Let them be kids, let them play.

I've made this list of play activities that we do all the time.

My top tip is to join in with them, get messy, let them paint your face, get flour all over the kitchen, stay in your pj's and read books with them all day.

Make good happy memories, it will take your mind off the crappy news and it will help keep your kids calm and connected.

PS/ there is no shame/guilt in screentime!

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