Plastic Free Bathroom Swaps

We have finally managed to go completely plastic-free in our bathroom now after lots of trials and errors and which products to use. For us, it isn’t just about ditching plastic, but also about making our home a chemical-free zone. I’ll do a seperate post in the future about my make-up and the all-important plastic-free period products.

We get all of our soaps from Lush which we use to wash our hands and bodies. We also treat ourselves to their bath bombs. I’m stingy so I cut them in chunks to make one bomb last us a couple of weeks. Will’s favourite lush product is RnB which he uses to style his beard. It smells so good, I’m telling you one whiff of this stuff and you’ll be jelly legged for a week, haha!

We also get our toothpaste tabs from Lush. We have tried so many different eco toothpaste (some are horrific) these are the best of the bunch for us. They take some getting used to but now we won’t go back.

The toothbrushes and safety razor are from Plastic Freedom, a really cool online store that sells pretty much everything plastic-free. It’s also nice knowing I’m supporting a small business. The safety razor gives such a close shave and the blades are so cheap, especially compared to the old Gilette Venus I used to use. It shaves that close that it actually needs a bit of skill, and I have cut myself many, many times. Practice makes perfect though.

After trying so many shampoo bars I always come back to this Suma one. I get mine from our local health store Greens in Lincoln. But you can get it online here. I don’t use conditioner so once a week I’ll slather the ends in coconut oil and whack it up in a mum bun for the day, before washing it out.

Speaking of coconut oil, it is our saving grace. We use it for EVERYTHING. Will showers in it, we use it to make our homemade deodorant (recipe below), I wash the girls in it, I take off my make up with it, Will uses it in his beard, we moisturise our bodies with it. We even use it for the *cough* good times, if you know what I mean *wink wink, nudge nudge*! It is organic, smells great and has natural anti-bacterial/anti-microbial properties, plus if you get peckish in the day you can just lick your arm.

You can read about my face cleansing routine here. When I wrote that post I had yet to source plastic-free rose water. I have since found this one which I love and it smells divine.

Here’s my 3 ingredient deodorant recipe (no trolling about us being dirty hippies please).

We are big big fans of Who Gives a Crap toilet paper. It’s earth-friendly and looks pretty in your bathroom. We save the wrappers and use it as gift wrap which our family finds hilarious.

If you want to give them a try then click this link (I get £5 off my next order but it doesn’t cost you anything more).

We no longer buy cotton wool or cotton buds and just use flannels and washable cotton face rounds.

So that’s our plastic-free bathroom swaps. It is honestly the easiest place to make swaps and I hope I’ve taken some of the overwhelm out of it. The truth is for the first few weeks you’ll feel a bit grubby and smelly as your body gets used to not having the toxins in ordinary products. But after a couple of weeks, you will notice a difference. We still smell nice, and our bodies are still clean, but this way is a lot kinder on our planet.

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