This weekend marks the start of Autumn. I love celebrating the Autumn Equinox. This time of year is a time of balance when the length of day and night are equal, which being a Libra I adore.

My birthday always falls around Equinox. I find it’s a bittersweet time for me. My dad passed away on my 25th birthday seven years ago and this has meant that this time of year is now a time to reflect and retreat inwards for me, rather than the sense of celebration that this time of year used to bring.

Equinox is also known as Mabon, the witches thanksgiving, a time to celebrate the harvest and how fruitful earth has been for us. We’re marking this by joining in the global strike for climate and protesting to protect our mother earth.

We have given summer the last hurrah for 2019 by going on a 6-mile bike ride along the river near our home and enjoying some ice creams from a local dairy as our reward.

Usually, we celebrate Equinox by foraging for blackberries than cooking up a delicious crumble and snuggling by a fire under the stars whilst eating the yummy crumble and custard.

This year it’s a little different, William is running a 24-hour race so we’re camping in Wanda for 3 days being his support squad. He plans to run over 100 miles (YIKES!). I anticipate that I’ll barely get any sleep either so our usual celebrations are going out the window.

I do have some plans though. I have packed our lovely Autumn Books and the telescope. We plan to make smores in the van then do some stargazing outside reading books by torchlight.

I would love to hear what you guys are up to this equinox. Keep checking our Instagram/Facebook stories over the weekend to follow William’s progress.

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