The number one thing that we always get questioned about is unschooling and how we choose to parent our girls. I receive lots of messages each day from people curious about our lifestyle and wondering how they could possibly make it work for themselves. One day, I just thought why not write a book all about it – so I did.

‘How to Raise a Rebel’ is an uplifting guide to unschooling and parenting. A positive memoir written from the heart. Full of useful tips, extensive research, and insight into unschooling. This book will hold your hand through the trepidation of deciding to home educate and inspire you to know that you can choose to live a slow, joy-filled, peaceful life alongside your children.

It guides you through the what and the how of unschooling. Helping you to understand what the principle of unschooling is, how children really learn and why people choose this lifestyle. It aims to arm you with the tools you need to guide your children and help them to reach their full potential.

I’ve worked my little bum off and poured my heart into this over the last few weeks, in the hopes that it will help some parents out there raise their own rebels.

Thank you for all of your support here on my little corner of the internet.

Or if you’re an Amazon customer you can shop for the paperback or Kindle edition here.

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