The girls have wanted to visit Kidzania for such a long time. They are very imaginative children and spent a large part of their days immersed in role play and imaginative worlds. So we decided to treat them to a visit whilst we were in Bangkok.

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What’s it all about:

Kidzania is basically a mini indoor interactive city where the kids get to role play different jobs to earn Kidzos (the Kidzania currency) which you can either save up or spend on activities. When you get there the children & adults are given a secure wristband which prevents anyone from getting lost, and the children are given a cheque for 50 Kidzos which they have to take to the bank to cash.

Once they have cashed their cheque the city is their oyster. There are over 100 jobs to choose from and lots of activities.

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The girls started by being firefighters. They learnt fire safety, then got to ride in a fire truck to rescue animals from a burning building. They then headed to the hospital to role play at being pediatric nurses and care for the babies.

Once they had decided they’d earned enough money they paid for a session climbing up a building.
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Our favourite aspect was that adults cannot enter the buildings with the children meaning they have to complete the job roles independently, leaving us to watch through the windows or on the TV monitors.

The girls really enjoyed being secret agents and making ketchup in the factory.
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One of the things that irritated us a little was the wages. They mimicked real life in that the highest paid job roles were the fashion models and TV presenters. Which made the girls want to do these activities over some others that they would have enjoyed more purely to earn more Kidzos.

Some of the more educational options like working in the water research centre, attending university and a couple of the factories had to be paid for with their kidzos. This meant the children were less likely to choose these activities which was a shame and the only negative for us.

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Due to this pricing issue Ava chose to do the fashion show just to earn 15 Kidzos. She hated every second and ended up having an anxiety attack (you can read about that more in this post).

Ava ended up going back to the hostel with Will, so Bonnie and I stayed and she did a few more activities.

Bonnie made tea in the green tea factory, worked as a beautician in the salon, and made dry ice bubbles in the University earning her a degree.

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Her favourite job was performing abdominal surgery on a giant squishy mannequin. She learnt lots about the ventilator used during surgery.

There was so much to choose from and so many jobs to do that we didn’t have time to experience it all. We would recommend this as a fun, educational day out for anyone with young children and would definitely visit again.

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How we got there:

Kidzania Bangkok is located in the Siam Paragon Mall. It’s really easy to get to, we just took a cheap Grab taxi from our hotel. You can also take the skytrain to Siam Centre.

Visiting Kidzania:

Kidzania have 26 mini cities all over the world, including London so you can always find one nearby. It is worth noting that when you visit in a foreign country the staff say the instructions in the native language, then repeat them in English. We actually loved this as the girls learnt some Thai phrases, but it could be quite confusing for very small children.

Overall a great educational day of play for the kids, and not much effort required for the adults. Win, win.

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