Way before we headed off on our travels, and even before we had decided we were going to sell the house we talked about our hopes and dreams. Things that we wanted to do and see.

Once we had set the wheels in motion and put the house on the market we made a list. A list of wishes, a sort of mini family bucket list of things that we wanted to do on our travels.

This isn’t our ultimate bucket list, you know the ones of things to do before you die. This is more of a mini ‘things we want to prioritise in case the money runs out’ list!

In the creation of this list, we each chose two things that we really, really, really wanted to do. In prioritising and only choosing two things it makes our goals achievable and anything extra that we manage to experience will be a huge bonus.

So here is our mini “2 things each that we want to do on our travels before we run out of money” list:

-Bonnie would like to see Elephants in the wild and meet children from every place we visit.

-Ava would like to snorkel with lots of different sea creatures and stand on top of the world's tallest building.

-Mummy would like to see Orangutangs and visit the Taj Mahal.

-Daddy would like to see Komodo Dragons on Komodo Island and run in each country we visit.

As you can see it is not anything too crazy, these are small goals and hopefully, our journey will lead to us achieving each of these things. It’ll definitely be fun to look back on this little list and see if we managed our goals.

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