Dubai Desert Safari with Kids: All You Need to Know
For us nature lovers we couldn’t visit Dubai without taking a trip into the desert. So we booked an evening desert safari with Arabian Adventures and headed out into the desert.


We were picked up at 3pm outside our hotel by a lovely driver named Mohammed who was super friendly and happy to tell us about all the sights on our journey. From our hotel it was a comfortable one hour ride in the air conditioned jeep to the desert.

On the way we passed some interesting sights, particularly some mega mansions in the suburbs of Dubai juxtaposed with some shack type desert outposts.

We also passed by the Dubai Camel racing track which was interesting to see and began the first of many conversations with the girls about how the ethical treatment of animals.

We had to wait about half an hour at the entrance to the National Park for the other jeeps in our group to arrive. We were allowed out of the vehicle to play in the dunes and spotted some wild Camels which was really cool.

We were saddened to see the amount of litter polluting this natural area, obviously where people are waiting for the safari each day and they just chuck their rubbish into the sand.

Once all the other groups in the tour had arrived we headed off through the desert. We drove past a couple of Oasis where we could see the local wildlife. Then it was time for some dune bashing. It was a huge amount of fun, the girls absolutely loved it. If you’re pregnant, suffer with motion sickness or have certain medical conditions then you might want to sit this one out as it does throw you around lots.

The jeep drove through the dunes to gorgeous spot where we could watch the sun go down.

Once the sun had set we were taken to a Bedouin tent set up for dinner and entertainment.

The food was a nice buffet of local Arabic cuisine, salads, curry and desert. We also had unlimited soft drinks which the kids were thrilled about as we normally don’t let them drink fizzy stuff.
After dinner it was time for the entertainment, some belly dancing and a random guy who just spun around for half an hour juggling some kind of plate things. Will and I thought it was OK, the girls as usual were mesmerised and practiced their own belly dancing for days afterwards.

There was also a small play area for the kids so we enjoyed a Shisha whilst the girls played together.

One thing we all agreed upon was that we didn’t want to ride the camels. They were tied up and looked miserable and a bit poorly. People of all shapes and sizes were queuing to climb on the camel be walked in a small circle and have their picture taken.

When it was time for the camels to kneel down and let the people off they were making weird pained noises and the keepers had to hit them with a stick to get them to kneel and let the people off. The whole thing was hard to witness to be honest and we left feeling a little sick to the stomach that our money had somehow gone towards this mistreatment.
Apart from the camel riding we really loved our time exploring the Dubai desert and recommend it as an activity to do whilst in Dubai.

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