“Come with me where dreams are made and time is never planned.” – Peter Pan

It is official we now have exactly 2 weeks and 2 days until we leave the UK to embark on a crazy mad adventure travelling around the world with our two children.

We’ve been so caught up with the chaos that is Christmas, throwing ourselves into doing all the things and seeing all the folks, it has only just dawned on us that we are actually doing this.

I know that sounds bonkers, this is a huge life decision, but the truth is, it has been such a long time since we sold our home and all our stuff that I’ve been a bit blasé about the whole thing.

We’ve some pretty big milestones this week. Our last home ed meet up with our wild and free gang was bittersweet. These beautiful kids and their amazing mamas have made home education so fun and easy. We will miss our weekly hang outs in the woods, jumping in muddy puddles and climbing trees.

William had his last day at work. That has been the biggest and scariest milestone for me personally, which again sounds crazy when we’ve sold our house to fund our travels. Knowing that it is the last time money will be going into our bank account for a while, and that from now on money is going to be trickling out, has been a sobering reality of the whole experience.

Last night we went to see Peter Pan as a little festive treat for the girls. I’ve loved the story of Peter Pan since childhood, it has always resonated with me. So much so that last night I found myself reading extracts, trying to dream about being a mermaid (my life mission). I had a bit of a realisation about us as a couple. About never wanting to grow up.

William and I aren’t great at adulting really. We’re messy, we suck at life admin, we don’t take most life events seriously, we do stuff on a whim and worry about the consequences later, we say what we think and we leave stuff to the last minute. We’re silly and all our friends say we’re absolutely bonkers.

When we first decided to do this people said that we were running away from our responsibilities, from life. I was offended at first, these were our dreams after all. Now I think about it we actually are running away I guess. Not necessarily from our responsibilities as the only duty and responsibility we feel we have is to care for the girls. But running away from this life, yes I think its safe to say we are.

It’s the first time in our lives that we’ve never had a plan. We don’t know which countries we’ll see, where we’ll end up, what jobs we’ll end up doing, or where we will eventually find ourselves.

That’s the bit that people close to us are worried about, our future. The first question anyone asks us is “What will you do after?”

The truth is we don’t know. It’s the most terrifyingly exciting and liberating chapter of our lives.

People say we’re reckless, this is crazy, what a gamble. It is, we recognise that it’s a huge gamble, one that we are greatly privileged to be able to take.

Will it pay off? Who knows? What I do know is that we have never felt more alive than we do right now, living day to day, not knowing what comes next.

So the next 2 weeks and 2 days is inevitably going to fly by in a blur of crazy Christmas carnage surrounded by all the people we love. Before rushing around packing last minute.

At the request of family and friends we also made a YouTube channel. It is the most ridiculous, scary thing we’ve done. But it’s going to be fun sharing our adventure with you all. It’s mega cheesy and cringeworthy, I swear, after telling William not to, then had to spend an hour figuring out how to bleep it out.

This trip is all about putting ourselves in uncomfortable positions, and for me there is nothing more uncomfortable than talking to a camera.

So here’s to 2019 a year of being uncomfortable, reckless with a dose of crazy and most importantly as year of living life to it’s fullest.

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