Here’s a little poem I wrote about our upcoming travels…

Why Wander the World? by Natalie Goodacre

Why travel the world,
And sell all of your possessions?
People have doubted and criticised,
And asked hundreds of questions.

You see, we were stuck in a rut,
Doing the same things each day.
We felt trapped in a wheel,
Always the same places, the same way.

We asked ourselves, where are we going,
And where have we been?
What have we found,
And what have we seen?

We want to be free to explore,
To see all of the sights.
To swim in the ocean,
And climb to great heights.

We want to show our little girls,
That there’s nothing to fear.
In this big beautiful world,
Before it all disappears.

They are curious little creatures,
Always asking why?
Why does the sunset,
And the ocean touch the sky?

So why don’t we show them,
Let them find out on their own.
All of the great wonders they’ll see,
Will help them when they’ve grown.

It’s far better than a classroom,
Being stuck inside all day.
Where they are told how to think and feel,
What to do and what to say.

And as for us, we’re terrified,
But not of the things you might think.
We’re not scared to see the world,
And give up all our things.

We’re terrified of growing old,
And never knowing more.
After experiencing the rat race,
We are dying to explore.

So now the time is nearly here,
For us to depart.
We’re ready more than ever,
To make a brand new start.

At times it’ll push us, perhaps,
To the point of breaking.
It’s bound to be hard,
This travelling life we are making.

But we have to try new things,
And push the boundaries.
To explore new places,
Deserts, oceans, mountains and cities.

Because life is for living,
No matter the cost.
You need to remember,
Not all those who wander, are lost.

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