Lots of our followers have asked for a breakdown of our pre-travel expenditures, all of the essential stuff we have had to pay for before we even begin our adventures. We are travelling on an extremely tight budget, there will be no posh hotel stays (unless they offer us a free stay!!) and we’ll be travelling overland using public transport, eating local produce from markets instead of dining out in restaurants to conserve cash.

So here is a breakdown of what we have spent before travelling (rounded up for simplicity):

-Vaccinations: £900

-Visas: £650

-Travel Equipment: £1650

-Flights: £2475

-Pre-Booked Accommodation: £325

TOTAL= £6000

I was quite shocked as I saw the money adding up and was perhaps pretty na├»ve about the cost of vaccinations and visas, which are absolute non negotiables. It’s worth noting that travel equipment, vaccinations and visas only have to be purchased once, so yes it is a hefty fee, but we only have to pay that now. We managed to get some really cheap flights into Dubai, India and Sri Lanka which I was happy with so it has balanced out the budget a little. I should also point out that the flight cost above covers all of our flights for the first 3 months of travel.

I also think back to our monthly spend when we had household bills, and then how much we used to spend on birthdays, Christmas and holidays. When all of this is taken into account, the money spent so far to allow us to live our dreams doesn’t seem like such a huge sum after all.

Once we head into South East Asia our budget will be around £40 per day for EVERYTHING (food, accommodation, travel, excursions) for our family of four. Told you we were on shoestring budget. We want to show families that it really is possible to travel frugally and still have an amazing experience, and I appreciate lots of people are interested in this money side of travel so we will always be as transparent as possible throughout our journey.

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