We’re knee deep in preparations now for our family travel adventures. One of my biggest concerns is keeping the children calm and occupied during the long haul flights, the transfers, super long train journeys, and 7 hour ferry rides, or just when we have work to do. It’s making me sweat just thinking about it.

We’ll be keeping the kids (and us) entertained on the long journeys with travel games. These are the ones that we prefer, they are a good mix of educational and fun. Much better than the magnetic snakes and ladders of my youth.

1. Qwirkle

Qwirkle is a matching tile logic game that reminds me a little of dominoes. You have to make a row of tiles, that match in either shape or colour. The first one to play all of their tiles wins.

2. Bananagrams

Who doesn’t love Bananagrams? If you haven’t heard of it before it’s a word game where you pick out letters and make your own crossword, trying to use up all the letter tiles. We have the kids version which also has picture tiles to make it easier.

3. Times Table Snap

I’m sure I don’t need to explain this game. It’s like snap only the cards have the times tables on them instead of pictures. A fun way to sneak in some maths.

4. Dobble

We all love Dobble, but it can be the source of some family disagreements. Its a quick fire visual matching game. Daddy and I get super competitive when we play and the girls tend to get fed up with us. It’s fun whilst it lasts.

5. Rory’s Storycubes

We have a few sets of Rory’s Storycubes which I have popped into a little pouch. We love playing with these. You roll the cubes and make stories from the pictures. Depending on the mood and where we are, this will often lead onto the girls writing or drawing their story.

6. Sussed

Sussed is a conversation card game, similar to the game ‘Would you Rather’ that I played as a child. You have a card with a question on and multiple answers. You read out the card to the group and they have to guess which answer you picked. The questions are funny and it is a great time filler.

7. Top Trumps

The girls have way too many packs of Top Trumps, which they play in the car on long journeys, or when we’re having quiet time during the day. We are probably going to have the whittle down our favourite sets to take with us. Their current favourites are Dinosaurs and Wonders of The World.

8. ZooBooKoo Dino Dice

Another sneaky maths game because Ava hates anything that feels like formal education. You have to roll the dice and complete the sums to win the Dinosaurs, which wins the game. The girls enjoy it, and I have less mum guilt about their learning.

9. Little Feminist Playing Cards

My brother will be eye-rolling so hard right now, but I just had to get these. They’re basically just playing cards, but with super cute illustrations of pro-feminist figures throughout history. I’m raising two girls in a mad old world, I need all the feminist help I can get right?

So there you have it, the games that we are packing to entertain the girls during the more tedious parts of our journey. These games are well loved and played by our family, and I highly recommend them for all families to play at home or during your travels.

However, I do not recommend playing any game with William, he is ruthless and never lets the girls win. He has also been known to hide extra scrabble tiles under his legs. I should probably not mention the time he made up a chance card in Monopoly when I was heavily pregnant and hormonal. When I discovered he had falsified his chance card and fraudently claimed Mayfair as his, I may or may not have thrown a frying pan and locked myself away in the bathroom inconsolably sobbing (did I mention I was super hormonal and pregnant!). We no longer play Monopoly.

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