It is 6 weeks now until we venture to the airport to begin our round the world family travel adventure. Six weeks is an incredibly short amount of time, and we’re super busy finalising all of the last minute details such as visas, vaccinations and selling the last few bits we have.

It is also 4 weeks until Christmas, William and I are not really feeling festive this year, because we’re so impatient waiting for our departure date, but we’re throwing ourselves head first into the Christmas activities for the girlies. So as you can imagine life is quite chaotic, hectic and emotional right now.

I’m nicknaming this period of our lives as ‘the bit in between’. We’re in between homes, careers and countries. It’s stressful, full-on and feels like you’re stuck in no-mans land.

We are currently living in my mums apartment. I’ll use the word ‘cosy’ to describe how it feels with 5 people residing here. We’re so very lucky to have such an amazing, supportive mother who has kindly put us up until we go. I have daily battles with my guilt that we’ve effectively taken over her space, she of course doesn’t mind, nevertheless I’m constantly apologising for the piles of Playmobil on the floor, and the whirlwind of mess that comes with two children. The four of us sleep in one room, which is fine and we just see this as preparation for our travels.

At present, we’re getting rid of the last dregs of our stuff. It’s difficult, haggling with people on selling sites, who ultimately let you down so you end up donating it to charity anyway. This is one of the reasons we are so focused on minimalism now, ‘Stuff’ just isn’t worth anything to anyone anymore.

I am amazed at how well the girls have coped with all of the transitions. The hardest part for them to grasp is time, 6 weeks is still a lifetime away in the eyes of a child.

Surprisingly the one who is struggling the most is me.

I have been suffering with massive overwhelm lately. Questioning everything, trying to organise everything (as William is busy at work) whilst home educating the girls at the same time.

Unsurprisingly this has led to me feeling pretty awful the last couple of weeks. I’ve been snappy and felt emotional and teary. I know I need to slow down, and remind myself why we are doing all of this.

William is the mega laid back, chilled Mr Cool. He compliments my headstrong, over analysing inner Mrs Worry Pants. His favourite saying at the moment is “Big Picture Baby, Big Picture!”. He’s always right, of course, I need to not sweat the small stuff right now and focus on the bigger picture.

The bit in between is like shedding an old skin. We’re letting go of all the things in our lives that no longer serve us and embracing the simpler things. Its been enlightening, and it teaches you so much about yourself, and also about the people around you.

There are the ones who have been tremendously supportive from the start, and there are also people who we thought were close to us that have struggled to deal with us leaving. Partly because they’ll miss us, and partly because our choices have triggered them to question their own lives. It’s OK we understand that not everyone will agree with us. The biggest thing that we have learned on our journey so far is to go with our own flow, stop trying to force things, if something crashes and burns that is perfectly OK. Life happens like that sometimes.

Some people say we’re reckless, I guess we are a little. Some people think we are running away, I suppose that’s true. We’re running away from a life that was draining our happiness, a life that was only in grey. Searching the world for a life filled with joy, a life painted in technicolour. Maybe we’ll find what we’re looking for, maybe we won’t and we’ll return one day with our tails tucked tightly between our legs.

Chasing your dreams is tough, letting go of everything you’ve ever known to make your dreams a reality is tougher. Filling the bit in between now and then with grit, determination, support from loved ones and a massive dose of sarcasm is the only way to get there.

Because in the grand scheme of life 6 weeks is no time at all, and if the life we’re creating is as colourful as I imagine it to be, then the grey bit in between is well worth the toil.

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