This was our second year embarking on a 4 hour journey to the sunny Dorset coast to spend a long weekend being wild and free, dancing until the wee hours.

This was our fourth festival with the kiddos and we absolutely love the experience and atmosphere. They aren’t cheap – we use it as a mini holiday. And as anyone who camps with children will know you have to pack everything and plan for every eventuality.

I’m so glad we packed like this was a military operation as the good old British weather didn’t disappoint. We had a full weekend of torrential rain and gale force winds. Boy I am glad I bought £10 worth of plastic ponchos from Poundland!

We didn’t let the crazy weather ruin our fun and got stuck in enjoying the weekend.

Highlights were: the amazing sculptures and decorations.Very on point for the popstars and rockstars theme.

ALL of the kids entertainment was awesome. We spent many an hour in the ‘greatest tent on earth’ sheltering from the rain’. Sam Sam the bubble man is an actual life saver when you are all soggy and cranky!

The Dingly Dell is just perfect for quiet moments away from the buzz. The crazy rain gave the mud kitchen that extra something!

The upper kids field was full of lovely hands on activities, but was a bog by the Sunday so difficult to ride the crazy bikes and perform circus tricks when you’re literally stuck in the mud.

We tried to make the most of dressing up on the Saturday but our costumes were mostly hidden under poundland ponchos!

The lowlights were; missing the headline acts because the wind was just too much for the kids.

Feeling like your tent was going to blow away in the night, like Dorothy’s house being whisked off to Oz, with us and our damp belongings still inside. Daddy sellotaping broken tent poles at 3am in the pouring rain was lots of fun!

Speaking of damp belongings, that’s just it, everything was damp, all weekend. We all just kind of got used to feeling soggy!

My lovely husband getting tennis elbow from dragging the trolley with kids inside through the thick bog!

So yes we had an awesome time and the bad weather made us appreciate the quieter side of the festival. Such as an hour spent needle felting or meeting Julian Clary at a book signing. Things we wouldn’t have done if the weather had been grand and we hadn’t ventured inside the tents for so long. But I’ll admit it wasn’t as enjoyable as last year when the sun was shining.

The kids though, they will tell you different. They still loved it, maybe more as they had mud to play in!

My advice to anyone venturing to a festival with kids in tow is this, just go with the flow. Let go of all the rules. Give them neon body crayons and let them draw all over themselves. Let them dive in the mud and splash in the puddles. Feed them lots of churros, it stops them moaning about being wet and cold! Pack for rain, snow and sunshine, and then some. Plus baby wipes, tons of them, that’s all you’ll be washing with for a few days. And be prepared to break your washing machine when you get home!

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