“The best education does not happen at a desk, but rather engaged in everyday living – hands on, exploring, in active relationship with life.” ~ Vince Gowmon

Little Bean turned 6 this week. I have found it a little overwhelming if I am honest , my youngest baby is now a little girl. No longer can she be grouped into the pre-school age bracket of 0-5. She can now have Calpol six-plus- that is how you know they’re really onto the next stage! It has been a very bittersweet week for me, I love watching my babies grow, I adore observing them change and flourish. But I also feel a little sad as I realise how fast life passes by, how much I have to treasure each fleeting moment, each special stage of childhood. Luckily homeschooling allows me to be around all day every day to squeeze as many mama memories out of my babes as I can before they grow up and fly the nest.

We celebrated all week – the perks of home education! Mermaids are a huge favourite thing of Little Beans at the moment, so we celebrated with all things mermaid.

We had a couple of little projects this week, all mermaid themed of course. We made some mermaid outfits together. Fabulously modeled by Little Bean. Big Bean was less impressed, apparently the fabric was too itchy.

We read lots of lovely mermaid stories and we made some lovely playdough mermaids. I also left this out at her mermaid birthday party. Her friends really enjoyed making mermaids.

I adore the freedom that homeschooling allows my children. Birthdays can be whatever they choose them to be as they’re not forced to go to school. Little Bean woke up in our bed as she had asked to sleep with us so she could wake up with us on her birthday. She opened her presents in bed, she spent the entire morning playing with her new toys. At no point did I have to drag her away from all her lovely exciting new stuff. We spent a gorgeous windy afternoon picnicking with friends at Bransby Horses Home. Playing on the park and looking at all the horses. Then we had tuna pasta for tea at her request, with super gooey chocolatey cake for pudding. We then played some more, she finally fell asleep at about 9.30.

On the Saturday we threw a mermaid party for all her friends, We did Mermaid tattoos, 10 children bounced on a trampoline filled with balloons, they ate fishfingers, cakes and their body weight in sweets. We played the obligatory party games of musical statues and pass the parcel. Their laughter was infectious, and she loved catching up with her old school friends.

Then she made her birthday wish. We spent the rest of the weekend playing, snuggling and riding our bikes. I watched her ride off with her sister. My little big girl. Then on Sunday night this happened…

She fell asleep laid on my chest, my arms wrapped tightly around her as she snored. Snuggling her little unicorn. I looked down and realised that even though my baby is 6, she is still just that, my baby!

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