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Imbolc 2021

Imbolc is the first festival in the Celtic Wheel of the Year. It is a time celebrated in many cultures and religions in different names Candlemas, Brigid’s Day, Groundhog Day, to name a few. In Celtic, Imbolc translates to 'In the belly' which is symbolic of Ewe's coming up to lambing season, and plant's starting to wake up and bloom deep inside mother earth.

The earth's seasonal energy is shifting and changing, mother earth is finally waking up after her long winter's sleep.

You should start to notice and feel your energy start to shift. Snowdrops are blooming. Some trees have started to bud and while it’s still cold, and even snowy in some places, there’s a definite change in the air. You can feel spring is on its way.

We celebrate Imbolc by making a Brigid's cross from wool and twigs. With each wrap of the wool we set intentions for the coming year. The on Imbolc the following year we burn our crosses on a fire - letting go of all that has passed and setting new intentions for the year to come. 

I cannot tell you how happy I was to burn the 2020 cross. I can't even remember what intentions I set last year - but I know I didn't do the things I wanted. Did anyone?

We also mark Imbolc by planting seedlings and planning out our growing year. Ava made a collage of all the flowers she would like to grow and Bonnie planted some sweet peas and Echinacea.

I have been gentle with my Imbolc intentions this year, the future still looks rather bleak, doesn't it?

Getting outside and breathing in some glorious fresh air today made me feel good and positive for a while. Hopefully, when I burn next year's cross I will feel better, hopefully, we will all feel better.